October 2019

Hi Everyone,

Well it does feel as though we have moved on from Summer, although there is still a lot of warmth in the days, and thankfully, some rain. Though underneath the surface, the ground is still quite dry. Some plants are having a bit of a resurgence after some rain and cooler weather – but for others the hot dry wind that came before the weather front, was the last straw. My Japanese Anemones have given up 🙁

Here are a couple of plants flourishing in late September in Liz Mitchell’s garden, and a profusion of butterflies on verbena bonariensis in Julia Barton’s garden

October Activities

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 8th October, 2pm at the Salle des Fêtes, Lauzerte. We are going to be looking at what we need to do to Prepare for Winter. Then we will have a fun activity, using recycled materials to create a small insect hotel. Please see the attached list for ideas of what to bring. I hope that lots of you will join in and we can get creative! Our best results will be shared at the Journée de l’Arbre in November. We will also have a Plant and Seed Swap. If you would like to make your own seed packets, please see here. Please make sure that plants and seeds are labelled, thanks.

Liz Mitchell contacted me to tell me about a delightful garden to visit near Laroque Timbaux. The owner, Nadia, is very proud of her beautiful garden and wants us to know that it is not just the English who like to garden. She has invited us, at short notice, to visit on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th October, as at the moment it is very beautiful with the grasses and flowers of Autumn. Details to follow.

Photo of Nadia’s garden earlier in the year, by Liz Mitchell

Bulb & Seed Discounts

As I mentioned last month, there are some spare bulbs for sale from our order with Farmer Gracy, which I will bring along to the meeting. including Eremerus, Alliums, Crocus, Narcissi and Tulips.

The new code for orders from Dobies is GD1349F, and for Suttons is GS1018F which will entitle you to a 50% discount off seeds.

To Do this Month

A busy time of year as we clear away after the summer and prepare for colder weather to come. We will be discussing this in our monthly meeting.

For those with bulbs to plant, this is a really useful guide https://www.farmergracy.co.uk/pages/ planting-guide

Recent events

Our visit to two gardens at Anglars-Juillac and Grezels, with lunch in between at the Clau del Loup, was a really delightful day. Thank you so much to Sue Sargeant for organising it with the members of the Open Gardens scheme. Here are a few photos for those who couldn’t join us.

Lunch at Clau del Loup
Cameron Field’s lovely garden among the vineyards. Photos by Julia Barton

Caroline Roberton’s garden at Grezels. Photos by Julia Barton and Belinda Berry

Both of these gardens are part of the Open Gardens scheme, which are adding more and more lovely gardens and helping to raise money for charitable organisations. It is well worth while becoming a member, for only 10€ you can visit gardens throughout the year. Find out more at https://www.opengardens.eu

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday November 12th, we will delve into a little plant history and trace the origins of some of our favourite garden plants with “The Christopher Columbus Legacy”.

Sunday November 17th Journée de l’Arbre, Salle des Fêtes, Lauzerte. The club will have an area where members and visitors will be welcome to enjoy a display including our best bug hotels and photos from our events this year. We will need volunteers for the stand, so please make a note of the date.

Plant Fair: La Salicaire, Sunday 20th October, St Nicolas de la Grave

2020 Programme

We have the bones of the programme for next year, but there are one or two slots available. Would you be willing to host a visit to your garden? Can you suggest an interesting seasonal walk for the group? Do you know someone who would like to talk to us about a gardening-related topic? As always, we welcome your suggestions for speakers and topics for our programme.

Our lending library

A reminder that within our cupboard in the Tournesol Room, there are some really useful and interesting gardening books. You can find a list of them on our website at http://www.cjl82.fr/ resources/.

You are welcome to borrow one and return it to another meeting.

CJL Website and Facebook Group

Don’t forget, our private web pages can be accessed by entering the password cjl82110 but most

of the content at www.cjl82.fr is available to everyone.

Our Facebook group is great for sharing photos, events, and gardening-related information, and for asking for advice from other members.

I think that covers it for now, I hope to see you on 8th.

Belinda x