What We Do

  • At our monthly meetings, we have speakers who give presentations on many different topics related to gardening and the natural world. Some of our speakers are commercial growers and bring plants for sale. We also have knowledge sharing sessions, in which we learn from each others’ successes and failures.
  • We often have a plant and seed swap.
  • Our club members are entitled to a 15% discount off bulbs from Farmer Gracy. We sometimes arrange group purchases of bulbs, plug plants, potatoes and so on, benefitting our members with a better price for ordering in quantity.
  • Run workshops on growing from seed, propagation techniques, pruning, and creative activities, such as our making wreaths and garden decorations.
  • Have occasional social events, such as a Quiz Night, Garden Party or Picnic.
  • Organize visits to nurseries and private and public gardens, often with a guided tour. Some of our outings are all day and include lunch at a restaurant. Occasionally we are able to offer a subsided coach trip to locations a little further away.
  • We have organised very popular longer holiday trips to visit gardens in Provence and C¨ôtes d’Azur
  • Sometimes we hold a little challenge to see who can grow the biggest or best vegetable or plant.
  • We have some talented photographers among our members and run a Photography Competition, producing a calendar, greetings cards or other items featuring the winning entries.
  • You will find our stand at local events such as the Place aux Fleurs and Journée de l’Arbre in Lauzerte, where we may give demonstrations on topics such as planting up containers, to encourage and inspire local residents to brighten up the village, and we can give advice on many garden problems.
  • We have designed and maintain a garden at the local Maison de Retraite, La Medièvale Argentée. This is a great opportunity for us to learn more about low maintenance gardening in the local climate, as well as providing a great source of enjoyment for the residents and staff. Our team of volunteers keep the garden looking its best, with individual contributions usually limited to 1.5 hours, once a month.
  • Members can join our active Facebook group, to ask questions, share information and generally chat about gardening related topics between meetings. We also have a public Facebook page where visitors can find out about our next meeting.

See our Annual Programme for information on this year’s agenda.